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The CERN Car Club was formed in 1957 by members of the CERN personnel and under the patronage of the Staff Association with negotiations between the President of the Association, Mr T. Ball and Professor C.J. Bakker, CERN Director.

Since its very first days, the main purpose of the Club has been to give members the possibility of being able to carry out "Do-It-Yourself" maintenance on their vehicles.

The Club started with sales of oil and antifreeze.

The installations available were still quite primitive: we had draining vats, barrels for the recovery of used oil, compressed air to control the tyre pressure and a site for washing cars. The maintenance work was done out in the open air!

The Club had to expand and change in order to answer the growing needs due to increasing popularity.

Towards the end of the 70s - thanks to the authorisation of the Administration - CERN put part of its territory appropriate for our activities at our disposal which has been the site of the CERN Car Club ever since.

In order to satisfy the increasing number of registered members (with a maximum of 1183 members in 1987), the installations were extended with this criterion: to meet the needs of the members according to their interest in learning the art of DIY.

The maintenance work for our vehicles has thus become a rational, economic and sometimes passionate necessity, which forms part of our modern life.

We would like to thank all the people whose contributions enabled the evolution and successful running of our Club:

  • The Former Presidents:
H. Burridge 1957- 1958 N. Blazianu 1982 - 1983
Nilsson 1959 G. Primadei 1984 - 1989
Rousseau 1960 C. Zanaschi 1990 - 1993
Ferger 1961 A. Currat 1994 - 1995
Burridge 1962 C. Zanaschi 1996 - 1998
Blin 1963 - 1965 S. Ceschi 1999
Fogli 1966 - 1967 A. Currat 2000 - 2001
Johnsen 1968 - 1969 E. Squadrani 2002 - 2006
Kux 1970 - 1971 J. Pierlot 2007 - 2012
G. Leroy 1972 - 1976 S. Chalaye 2013...
M. Angeloz 1978 - 1981    


  • All the people who formed part of the committees
  • The "site managers" who were in particular appreciated by all the members for their devotion to the activity of the Club and for their availability:
Gabriel Durmelat 1969 - 1982
Giovanni Pesante 1983 - 1991
Louis Even 1992 - 1995
Tonio De Oliveira 1995 - 1997
Giovanni Pesante 1997 - 2000
Willy Bode 2000 - 2002
Jean-Pierre Reniche 2002 - 2004
André Courrat 2004 - 2010
Mustapha Khouja 2011
Willy Bode 2011...


  • The Staff Association
  • The CERN Administration